Mountain Lodges of Peru1

Mountain Lodges of Peru1
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Who we are?

Mountain Lodges of Peru offers a unique take on adventure travel to Machu Picchu. Cultural immersion, lodge-to-lodge journeying, exploration of breathtaking landscapes… all resulting in a transformation of mind, body and spirit.

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To inspire and generate transcendental change in people and places through Adventure Travel.

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Mountain Lodges of Peru creates unique adventure travel experiences for the active-upscale traveler, with a core differential in hospitality, lodging and local personalized service, with a high degree of social and environmental sustainability.

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a beautiful place in Vietnam a beautiful place in Vietnam

We are Peruvians who are passionate about our mountains and the people who live there. For more than 10 years, we have had the privilege of hosting guests at our mountain lodges, designed specifically to afford our visitors a seamless experience while they explore our remarkable country. Not only are we committed to sharing the celebrated treasures of Peru, we are also devoted to exceeding our guests expectations by offering an integrated cultural component that brings these treasures to life. We take great pride in our indigenous people…and as part of our vision for their development in an ever-evolving country, we are dedicated to including them in our day-to-day operations. At the lodges, local villagers simultaneously share their customs and learn how to be industry professionals. Our local teams, comprised of this rich blend of traditions and cultures, are trained to provide outstanding service and will go above and beyond to give each guest an unforgettable experience.