Exciting Activities in Cameron Highlands

Exciting Activities in Cameron Highlands
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On a quest for endangered species

Exciting activities in Cameron Highlands is new experience for tourist when visiting Malaysia. Firstly, visiting butterfly farms in the Kea Farm area, teeming with rare, multicoloured specimens that are no longer such a common sight to be had. Here visitors can admire the fluttering insects in enclosed areas, which protect these delicate specimens as they play hide-and-seek amongst the lush plant life and verdant, landscaped scenery.

The bees of Cameron Highlands are also renowned for their sweet and aromatic flavoured honey. At the three honey bee farms nestled in the highlands you will can taste and purchase the various products produced with the bees’ honey.

animal On a quest for endangered species

Shopping in Cameron Highlands

After having visited the various farms and nurseries you may like to stroll amongst the various market stalls where you can purchase the produce under the same roof. The Kea Farm area is where the local day market sets up its stalls, and these also border the road that connects Kg.Raja to Ringlet.

For night time shopping you can head to Brinchang where, on Saturdays the colourful market comes alive with all sorts of goods and produce. Here you can purchase anything for excellent prices, including excellent pasar malam food.

cameron5 A Walk through the Past

A Walk through the Past

For those who enjoy exploring the culture of the land, the Time Tunnel Gallery is place to see you should head to. This local museum is where you can catch a glimpse of the past days of Cameron Highlands. The extensive photographic collection will take you on a voyage through the highlands’ history, leading you to the pre-war days. Many of these photographs are actually part of private collections and offer a magnificent vista over the highlands’ past.