Ba Lua Archipelago

Ba Lua Archipelago
Ba Lua Archipelago in Kien Giang province is  regarded as the southern Ha Long Bay due to the crystal blue sea and the picturesque scenery of limestone isles in various shapes and sizes, emerging from the sea. Ba Lua is an archipelago with over 40 large and small islands in the sea of Kien Luong District.
However, there are only a few islands of this archipelago having residents. Most of Ba Lua still remains intact, thus being the perfect destination for tourists to discover and experience. The sea around Ba Lua Archipelago is so shallow that sometimes, you can even walk between islands. You can also catch seashells covered by the sand with your own hands.
Ba Lua Archipelago in Kien Giang province

The islands in Ba Lua Archipelago are named after its shapes and legends by local people, such as: Pig Island, Goad Island, Ngang Island, Mangrove Island, etc. The most famous islands are Pig Island and the Three Hon Dam of which, Hon Gieng is a large island with high population and a quiet and pristine beach. The special about the Three Hon Dam is that the distance among the islands is very close, thus tourists can swim from one island to another without the need of any boat.

Ba Lua Archipelago is currently a popular tourism destination for youngsters who love to explore the unspoiled and wild natural life. It is also regarded as the perfect location to witness sunrise and sunset on the sea.

Ba Lua Archipelago is currently a popular tourism destination for youngsters

It will take about 45 minutes to reach Ba Lua by boat. Visitors can choose to discover the islands on foot when the sea water is shallow, or rent a small boat to travel among islands. In addition, local services on sea diving and coral reef watching are also available.

For cuisine lovers, Ba Lua offers fresh and delicious seafood with a variety of fishes, prawns, squids, and so on. However, if you are looking for proper restaurants, you will be disappointed due to the lack of modern facilities on the islands. Instead, you can make orders with locals and ask them to prepare the food for you.