Sticky rice in Laos

Sticky rice in Laos
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Sticky rice is a popular dish in Laos, appears every daily meals of the Lao people. Besides, it also is considered as the essential food of the Lao people, is eaten in almost every daily meals of the Lao people. Like sushi in Japan, grians in Korean, or baguettes in France, Sticky rice is considered as the mainstay of Lao cuisine.Traveling to Laos, visitors should not miss this dish. Sticky rice or glutinous rice is called “khao niao” in Lao in which Khao means rice and niao means sticky. rice Sticky rice is a popular dish in Laos

How to make it

It is cooked by soaking for several hours and then steaming in the bamboo basket before being turned out on a clean surface and kneaded with a wooden paddle to release the steam. Sticky rice is usually eaten by hand, so as to avoid the stickiness, you should try to put a few of coconut oil into your hand and then you can enjoy your sticky rice. hours It is cooked by soaking for several hours Right after the first bite of it, you will feel the fabulous taste of rice which is not too wet or too yummy, but extremely wonderful. It is also eaten with other food such as larb, Kai yang (grilled young and very lean chicken dish), Pork dishes and so on. Even with the vegetarians, they can enjoy this wit tofu, which tastes no less delicious than with other dishes.