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Intrepid Travel
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Originally started by two bearded backpackers, Intrepid Travel has changed quite a bit since it first started in 1989. The company now leads 100,000 travellers each year all over the world, its headquarter is located in Melbourne, Australia.

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Intrepid Travel is known for their tours and providing responsible travel to travellers in small groups, showing them adventures around the world. Intrepid opens up a whole new sense of adventure by allowing travellers to get off the beaten track. Across all their tours, the average group size is 10 - this allows travellers flexibility as well as freedom to get off the tourist trails and explore the local culture and places. Their different travel styles include Basix range (aimed to break boundaries, not budgets), to their Comfort range which is a combination of some of the good things in life, with keeping your feet on the ground. With so many options; there's an Intrepid adventure to suit just about every budget and comfort level.

Why Intrepid

Travel is best Shared

The greatest part about travelling with others is the people; the people you meet in the places you go, and the people to travel with along the way. Understanding their perspective, their stories, and ultimately the friends you make from all over the world. These are the memories that make travel special, with others from all over the world. The greatest part about travelling with others is the people The greatest part about travelling with others is the people

Time Balanced for You

Intrepid trips are designed to be balanced with both time doing group activities, as well as time for you to just soak up what is happening around you. Intrepid make sure the time you spend travelling with them is a good mix of time with your small group, and seeing and experiencing the the places you travel to.

Places Off the Beaten Track

As well as seeing the major sites, there is always an opportunity with Intrepid to see the other things; the smaller things. It is often these small experiences, whether it is the local markets, an out of the way restaurant, or hidden galleries, that really make your travels special.

Responsible Travel

Intrepid understands that in order for destinations to keep being beautiful, they need to remain in tact - and all it takes is a little bit of self-awareness and care. Intrepid knows how to have fun still, while being respectful and allowing others the opportunity to see it as it always was.

All Travelers Welcome

Whether you’re travelling alone, with a partner, on a budget, prefer one or two pillows - it doesn’t matter, because Intrepid can help you get where you want to go. Their mission is to deliver the best travel experiences to anyone who’s up for them. All Travelers Welcome All Travelers Welcome

Tours run by the Pro’s

Intrepid understands that to truly understand the place you are visiting, you want to be shown around by people that live there. All their leaders are travel experts and friendly locals, knowing the destinations inside and out. Intrepid are extremely proud of their leaders; the happy personalities, that are the face of Intrepid.

Intrepid Benefits

Small Group Travel

The classic style, the small group. The company started with these tours back in the 80s with a small group, one of the local guides, a group of excited travellers, and a whole adventure ahead of them. Not much has changed, except now organising logistics is a bit easier, and travelling with a group is generally a bit more affordable.

Solo Travellers

Solo Travellers Solo Travellers
Travelers who are traveling solo are more than welcome - what better way to see and experience the world than going off on an adventure with some other like minded travellers. Joining a group as a solo traveler can be a great way to make new friends, as well never finding yourself with no one to talk to. Best of all, it can even save you some money as you can be matched up with someone to bunk with of the same sex. And if you’d prefer your own room, there is a single supplement available on most trips.