Horseback Riding in Las Vegas

Horseback Riding in Las Vegas
Horseback Riding in Las Vegas


The best horseback riding tour in Las Vegas. The scenery is incredible, Eldorado Canyonis rich in Nevada history, and the horses are great for the different terrain on the trails.

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Mount up with us and take a ride back through time to the place that, for decades, had a sordid history of notorious claim jumping, feuds and shootings during the wild days of it’s past.

The best horseback riding tour in Las Vegas.
The best horseback riding tour in Las Vegas.


This tour offers a horseback ride featuring views of the Colorado River, explore gold and silver mines dating back to the 19th century, Miners’, Cowboys and Indians were the primary residents of this lawless land, on this tour you will have the opportunity to visit some of their original homes sites and experience a re-creation of an “Old West Mining Town”.

Horseback riding

The ride treks along paths that were originally used for mule driven ore carts that carried precious minerals to the river.

We’ll be riding on mountain terrain, surrounded by forests of cholla cactus, with towering, multicolored rock formations as the backdrop for this incredibly scenic tour.

Step right into the pages of history, with a walking tour of the Techaticcup mine. We will venture deep into this rumored haunted gold mine and visit 3 different shafts, one of which drops down to over 900 feet. Learn how the hardiest of men labored feverishly looking for GOLD ! Chiseling their way through the mountainside inch by inch, with the most primitive of tools and working by candlelight.