Contiki Travel

Contiki Travel


Contiki has been running tours for more than 50 years, for travelers aged 18-35 years old. They are specialists in this age group, offering their unique tours worldwide to those who have a passion for travel, exploration and adventure. Their motto of #noregrets lives through their staff, their company, and the people they show around, with every element of the tours and travel experiences they offer, letting people to discover new things about the people and the world around us.

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Why Contiki

The included “must see” sights

There will be Included highlights in each tour – no matter where your tour goes. This might be walking tours, visiting famous monuments or special nights out – and the best part, it’s already included.

You choose your time

All Contiki tours offer free time every day. This means you’ll have time to do the things you want to do – and if you’re not sure what what that is, you can check with your guide or do the optional activities.

All Contiki tours offer free time every day
All Contiki tours offer free time every day

Kick back and enjoy

Problems understanding different currencies? Not sure how to get somewhere? Worried about lugging your luggage from the station to the hotel? Luckily Contiki looks after all of this! They sort out the details to make sure you get to enjoy your holiday!

Contiki guides and crew

The Contiki crew are some of the best trained guides and tour crew in the industry. As well as organising the tour, they’ll be young, friendly, and have done their homework so you can make the most of your trip.

Contiki crew
Contiki crew

Specialists in the 18-15 age range

Travelling with Contiki means you will make life long friends with people of a similar age, from all over the world, by sharing amazing experiences together.

50+ years of experience

Contiki runs tours to over 40 countries across 5 continents. They’ve been doing it for more than 50 years, and have helped 1000s of travellers see the world.

Contiki Benefits

“Only with Contiki” experience and benefits

By travelling with Contiki, you will get benefits and inclusions not available anywhere else – these include accommodations such as a French Chateau or Swiss Chalet, riding in a limo through Las Vegas, or a private 2 day boat cruise along the Mekong river.

Mekong river
Mekong river

Your interactive guide book

Contiki Tour Managers go through some of the most rigorous training of any tour company in the industry – they will help turn your holiday into endlessly epic travel stories!

Travel your way

With different travel and accommodation styles, there’s a tour to suit all budgets and interests- find the one that best suits you!

Value for money

These tours include all the big costs – transportation, accommodation, and many of your meals – some meals aren’t included so you can explore the local area!

Local knowledge from local guides

Our Tour Managers organize the tour and have expert knowledge on destinations – we understand that sometimes a local will know best, and that’s why we often use local guides too!

For couples, groups and solo travellers

You’ll meet lots of people on your tour, and sometimes you’ll share a room with another traveller of the same gender from your group. Want your own room? For a small supplement charge, that can be arranged!