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Delicious roasted nuts and seeds for Tet

Roasted nuts and seeds are special snacks of the trap with many kind of candies, biscuits, jam, etc during Tet. Vietnamese people eat roasted nuts with the main purpose to create a cheerful and friendly environment in which the hosts and the guests enjoy nuts together.
Beef Luc Lac

Beef Luc Lac – Cambodian Beef

Introduction Beef luc lac, sometimes written as lok lak isn’t exactly a Khmer dish – the name comes from the Vietnamese “bò lúc lắc”, which...

Sticky rice in Laos

Sticky rice is a popular dish in Laos, appears every daily meals of the Lao people. Besides, it also is considered as the essential food of the Lao people, is eaten in almost every daily meals of the Lao people.

Street Food

When coming Vietnam, especially Hanoi, visitors should try to street food. It is not only delicious but also cheap. We can find them everywhere at all times of the day. Crackling on a makeshift grill, roasting on the back of a motorbike, steaming in giant cauldrons
Mexican chocolate

Mexican chocolate

Mexican chocolate is made from dark, bitter chocolate mixed with sugar, cinnamon, and sometimes nuts. The end result is a “grainy” less smooth product....
Top 3 foods to try in Japan

Top 3 foods to try in Japan

With its stunning natural landscape and strong cultural identity, Japan is a once-in-a-lifetime holiday destination. The East Asian island is also home to some...

Fermented Pork Roll in Vietnam

The fermented pork roll- Nem chua is a unique food in Vietnam, especially in Thanh Hoa province. Compared to its grilled one and that each region brings different nem chua flavors, however almost are indeed delicious.

Crab soup

Hai Phong food is famous for crab soup which is not too sour, spicy, salty or sweet. It is cooked very meticulous in their presentation, like in the royal Hue cuisine, for example; they pay more attention to the freshness of the ingredients, e
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